Monday, June 21, 2010

Whale... it's what's for dinner.

Today's JoonAng Daily discusses the nominally illegal trade in whale meat in Korea. The focus is on Ulsan, a traditional whaling city. Although I am Australian (and our people and government are well known for their strong anti-whaling stance), I don't really have a problem with whaling or people eating whale.

If you do want to taste the biggest creature in the ocean, there in this post by Brian in Jeollanam-do on how to find it in Ulsan. In Busan, lonely planet (and greenpeace) affirm that it is available at Jalgachi Fish Market, although I don't recall seeing it there myself. Might have to read the labels more closely.

Apparently, "It’s an open secret among restaurant owners that environmental activists from Greenpeace send undercover investigators to Ulsan every year. They come to check the origins of the pricey whale meat served in local diners. A news report last week revealed that local police had raided two unlicensed warehouses in the city’s main port, Jangsaengpo. The cops found 60 tons of minke whale meat" So it would appear there is some enforcement of the anti-whaling rules in Korea. Try dobbing in a whale-meat smuggler in Japan and you might find yourself in gaol, as two Japanese greenpeace activists recently discovered.



  1. if it's so popular, they should just make it legal. . . but expect the whales to go the way of the blue fin tuna