Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sorry about the lack of posts lately... all my spare time recently has been taken up by grad school.

Please trust that more reviews are on their way.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sono Pizza, Hadan

So a little while back I was a bit harsh on Benpiatto, and given that they do (for the most part) passable pizza and pasta. So now I think its time to look at a much better alternative for pizza lovers in Hadan, Sono.

Sono has a quite tasteful and very modern setting, which makes it a popular place for Dong A university students to go on date. Their service is excellent and the staff are really attentive. As you can see here, you can actually watch as your pizza cooks in the open oven, from the comfort of your chair. So there's no "did they forget my order?" moments here.

The pizza itself is delicious, made from quality ingredients on a thin crust. Not only is there no corn, but quality cheese! There is a good variety of pizzas on the menu and the cheapest, the garlic & bacon, is one of the best (below with wineglasses). The gorgonzolla pizza, which we also tried (14,000), is not quite as flavoursome but good enough that we almost devoured the whole thing before I remembered to take a photo.

Sono is also very popular as a cafe (perhaps due to their awesome teaspoons) and offers great coffee and hot chocolate as well as a selection of teas.

Next time you are in Hadan, stop by Sono for some of the best quality pizza you're likely to find in Busan. They have points cards for both the cafe and pizzas and with food this good, you'll be eating a free pizza in no time at all.

Location: Diagonally opposite the Hadan Mcdonalds, next to Wa Bar.
English Menu: Yes . Staff speak English as well.
Vegetarian Option: Yes
Open 11.00-24.00
Phone: 051-204-2443

Prices :
Pasta: 8,000+
Pizzas: 10,000+
House Wine: 4,000
Coffee: 3,000+