Monday, June 7, 2010

Kitanachelin Kankoku?

Apparently there is a hit new food show in Japan, Kitanachelin, which recommends restaurants where the decor may be rock-bottom but the food is top notch.

 I reckon anyone who loves Korean food must be sympathetic to this idea. It has always struck me that, in Korea, the crappier the room: the better the food. Not to mention the price!

I always worry folks won't believe me when I come across another graffitti-filled, greasy, hole-in-the-wall dump with a menu full of scrumptious food where there's not an item on the menu that's over 5000 won. But they are about. And not just out in the dingy suburbs. There are fantastic and dirt cheap Korean places everywhere - 2 minutes walk from Haeundae beach for instance.

So don't fret about the wallpaper, the noise and the menus scrawled in terrible korean handwriting, just sit right down on the wonky plastic stool and enjoy some unforgettable food.

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