Friday, June 4, 2010

Chicken champs?

Lately our favourite chicken shop closed down, and since then I've exchanged fried chicken for the roast chickens you can buy from the back of a truck.

Still, fried chicken perfect accompaniment to a cold beer, especially with both summer and the World Cup well on their ways. In that spirit, The JoonAng Daily has an article entitled "Who will be crowned chicken champ?"

The best part about the article is it breaks down which popstars promote which chicken chain. However, it fails to crown a chicken champ!

Nothing to stop us doing it though. What is your favourite chicken shop is Busan, and why? 


  1. I enjoy chicken syndrome. It's a terrible name, but they give you meaty chicken that has a nice crispy outside.

    So I guess my vote would be for chicken syndrome

  2. Syndrome is pretty good, quite meaty, but personally I prefer something a bit more "Woman's style", so I go for Hot Sun's baked chicken, especially the boneless baked chicken.

  3. Vons, or uhhh.... Okku Dak. Yeah those places are mighty tasty!

    Pass on the hot sun. But women do eat there!

  4. Dak Daegary in Seomyeon has never disappointed me. The plain Fried Chicken is probably the best i've had over here. Prices are reasonable and the amount you get is awesome. There's a few locations spread around but I haven't tried the others.