Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mushroom, mushroom!

I was lucky enough to find wild mushrooms on sale at the local market (1,500 won for a basket), so I've been cooking with them the last couple of days.

(Mushroom! Mushroom!)

On the left, you can see them sauteed in olive oil (perfect for tasting the wild flavour of the 'shrooms) and on the right, made into a spread. By the way, try finding a glass of wine that full in any restaurant in Korea. No matter how cheap the Jinro served....

Spread recipe

300g mushrooms (roughly chopped)

a dozen black olives (pits removed)

1 salad tomato, diced

a taplespoonful of onion, diced

a splash of red wine vinegar

olive oil

Sauté half the mushrooms in olive oil, and put aside. Be careful not to overcook them. Put aside. Sauté the other half of the mushrooms together with the olives, in olive oil and red wine vinegar. they are ready once the mushrooms take some of the wine's colour (be careful not to add too much vinegar.

Mix both sets of mushrooms, along with the uncooked tomato and onion, together in a dip bowl. Serve on crusty bread. Enjoy.

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