Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kebapistan Turkish Kebab House, PNU

In so many places in Busan, the food is just a means to an end - its just on the table to get you beer. Now, we'll introduce you to a place with food so good, you'll forget you even ordered beer.That place is Kebabistan, near Pusan National University.

Turkish food is becoming more visible in Busan, but anything more than a kebab roll covered in honey mustard sauce is still a rarity. After all, how many sheep do you see grazing around Busan? The answer to that question is... significantly less after this review.
There is a number of dips and starters on the menu (although not all of them may be available at a given time). The hummus is just as good as it is in your dreams, and will reduce an entire table to silence and drool.
It was so good that I only remembered to take a picture after the plate was completely cleaned.
All the mains here are good value, quality lamb with hearty sauces and an assortment of sides. The sides are obviously adapted to suit Korean tastes but a nice addition regardless.
However, this review is getting sidetracked from what must be its main focus, the delicious, delicious lamb.
Its so delicious that every time you stop at a galbi joint for the rest of your stay, you'll feel a little empty inside. Despite the tasty BBQ'ed meat, something will still be missing, and you won't quite feel satisfied. That something is lamb. Mmmmmmm....

The interior was quite nice, tastefully decorated in the turkish style, but the manager told me the whole place is about to be renovated, so by the time you read this review it could look totally different. Apparently Kebabistan will remain open the entire time, because otherwise -according to one staff member- "people get angry if we close".

Kebabistan also offers you the chance to smoke a shisha (hookah), and sells some other little turkish treats like apple tea.

Directions: From PNU station walk out exit 1 and go up the hill. Walk past McDonalds and continue over the main street, you should find it on your left.
English Menu: Yes . Staff speak English too.

Vegetarian Option: Yes (Hummus!)
Open: 12-10.30pm

Mains: 9-13,000 (+4,000 will give you tea, dessert and sides)
Dips: 4-6,000

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