Monday, May 24, 2010

Taco Senora, Haeundae

So, previously I reviewed the lackluster mexican menu of Fuzzy Navel, not that it even needs a mention - it's even in the damn Lonely Planet. Here is an even better and cheaper option for mexican food in Haeundae - Taco Senora. Its well known in Busan, popular with allsorts, and only a few blocks away from Fuzzy Navel in Haeundae.

Marked by a serious overuse of post-it notes (that can only be matched by this), this little setup makes even your apartment look outsized. But that small room quickly somehow contains huge tacos! Such are the mysterious powers of the Taco Senora.

The solid little menu is all mexican: burritos, tacos, quesadillas, fajitos and nachos. And there is no skimping with the filling either.

This friendly, one-woman operation is everything you need and so much more than you expected to find when looking for Mexican food in Korea.

Prices: See right... not bad, are they?

English Menu: Yes

Directions: From Haeundae station walk past Sfunz and take a right. Continue down that street until you see this Beauty Zone. Opposite Beauty Zone is a little alleyway. Go down that alleyway - you won't see Senora until you're very close to it. Here is some alternate directions with a map.

All this reading when you could be eating delicious tacos! Get on the subway over to Haeundae, check it out, and enjoy some great mexican food to go with the start of the Busan summer.

You'll be kicking yourself if you've been waiting with the crowd for your burrito at Fuzzy Navel (though mind you, Senora fills up fast as well...)

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  1. Next time you review a Mexican joint without me, war will ensue!!!