Saturday, December 11, 2010

Makeoli Salon, Seomyeon

There is a Korean review with loads and loads of pictures here. All of their pictures are better than this one, anyway.

This is probably the fanciest place you will ever drink makeoli. Fresh paint, no graffiti and no banged up kettles. Don't let the appearance fool you though, this place is dirt cheap. Actually, its cheaper than any other makeoli place I've found in Seomyeon. The staff are friendly, good atmosphere and a huge variety of makeoli for the connoisseur.

Directions: Two blocks from the Foxy Club in Seomyeon. Follow the sign to Angel Hotel, its on the same street. Its difficult to see from the main road though. Subway exit 2,4 and 6 will put you on the correct side of the street.

Prices: Dirt cheap!
Food: From about 10,000. The usual makeoli den specials.
Drinks: 1 litre jugs of makeoli from 4,000 won
English menu: No english!

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