Monday, May 10, 2010

Welcome Pho, PNU

PNU is by and far the epicentre of foreign food in Busan. Basically, if you want some non-Korean fare, this is where you will find it, be it Burgers, Kebabs, Indian Curry, you name it.

So its no surprise that PNU is also a great place to enjoy some Vietnamese style dishes. Welcome Pho is a very stylish and clean restaurant with a great view for people watching. The service is good and prices reasonable.

Most important, of course, is the food - and it is quite good. The spring rolls are perfect and come with a delicious peanut sauce. The pho is not quite up to the standard found in Vietnam itself, but is authentic enough to evoke memories of the gasoline stench from the motorcycle-filled streets of Ho Chi Min City; the sound of boats putt-putting down the Mekong delta, the colours of silk and vegetables in the crowded market...

As usual with Vietnamese food, you'll find more than enough here to sate your appetite. The usual assortment of sauces, spices and sprouts are provided for you to season your own meal. The only real downside to this place is there is no lime to flavour the dishes with, only lemon. For the moment, lime remains out of reach in Korea - even in Vietnamese cusine. Also, some Vietnamese beers would be nice - 333 or Saigon - but Korean beer is a pretty similar style anyway. In any case, they serve Vietnamese style coffee, the perfect accompaniment to a relaxing afternoon.

Prices: Pho/Fried Rice: 6,000+
English Menu: Yes
Vegetarian options: Yes
Directions: It's next door to Kebabistan, on the corner, 2nd floor.


  1. Next door to Kebabistan... methinks someone was looking for a hummus fix, and got pho'd instead!

  2. anything that reminds you of Vietnam has to be good

  3. 윈어민... That is exactly how it went down.