Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Pho, Nampo-dong

Firstly, we reviewed this restaurant mere days after returning from our trip to Vietnam. Secondly, their Vietnamese food is really, really good.

The Pho really gives you the atmosphere of an upmarket restaurant. As part of "The Terrace" (which also includes "The Pan" and "The Cafe") it has an interesting street view while seating you comfortably back from the foot traffic of Nampo-dong.

Service is excellent. The staff are quite professional and even brought us lap blankets!

The food is excellent value and surprisingly authentic. All the dishes we tried were very similar to what one might find in Saigon and the presentation is excellent. The dish sizes are pretty big though, so if you order, for example, a large Pho you might want to share it.

Generous amounts of tea are also provided free with your meal, which does encourage one to linger under their gas-fired heaters.

After finishing your meal, you can enjoy a Vietnamese-style drip coffee (Ca Phe) - but first-timers may be suprised by the ultrasweet condensed milk at the bottom of their glass.

The Pho is without a doubt my new favourite restaurant in Nampo-dong, and I can't wait to get back there.

Phone: 256-8055
Location: Nampo-dong, near the main roundabout & police station.

English Menu: Yes. And English-speaking staff.

Vegetarian Option: Yes. The staff even asked us if we were vegetarians (did I forget to shower today or something? Maybe its time for a haircut.)

Prices :
Ca Phe: 4,000
Spring Rolls: 4,000
Medium Pho: 8,000
Fried Rice 8,000

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  1. "did I forget to shower today or something"? really? Thanks for the info, but no thanks for the ridiculously outdated stereotype!