Monday, January 25, 2010

Hans Brew House

Hans Brew House Seomeyon

Microbrewery and German style Hof

Hans Brauhaus is a large very popular German style hof in Seomyeon. Overall its quite good, and just as expensive as you'd expect. Most importantly, its an excellen place to watch Korean try and use knives and forks. Hours of entertainment right there.

They have a variety of sets, which seem to be quite good value. The "Substance Set" is quite substantial, and worth a shot if you don't mind having your dessert served first. Well, you only live once, right? The set does contain a few UFO (Unidentified Fried Objects) as well. To get the best dishes, however, you're better off ordering outside the sets, which will allow you to taste Hans's sausage. Which is what you came here for, isn't it?

Staff are friendly and service is quite fast, and
they'll even churn your icecream bread into a
ready-to-eat mess for you right at the table for you.

On the right is that substantial substance set I mentioned ealier. The mashed potatoes are actually not bad. And you can see the corn, a government-mandated requirement in all western dishes served in Korea.

I did mention that set includes beer, didn't I?

The microbrews are nothing to write home about, but they are *real* beer. And it beats paying 7 or 8 thousand won for an import that's worth 2. (Yeah, that Tiger Beer you're drinking - sells for $1 in SE Asia. For a big bottle.)

Also, the beer is served in those Mediaeval Times style pitchers, which never fails to bring a smile to my face.

Hans also has a free points card too, which allows you to, with enough points, eventually get free brews or even sets. Naturally, you need a great many points to get anything, but with the prices at this joint you could rack them up quite fast. My tip is to bring a group of sausage-loving friends and use your points card for everyone.

So come and get a taste of Hans's german sausage. You know you want it.

Phone: 051-816-007
Location: On the corner near ABC Mart in Seomyeon
English Menu: Yes. Some of the staff speak Englishl.
Vegetarian Option: Yes - try the cheese gratin - its amazing.
Price :

Food from 12,000

Sets from 28,000

Microbrews: 4,000/400ml


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